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Modern Smile Dental Clinic

We are the best dental clinic in Pattaya Chonburi. Give dental services for more than 20 years with a team of expert dentists.

We have long been trusted by residents of Sriracha and Pattaya. We are committed to improve both dental equipment and keep it up to date along with selecting qualified dentists to serve everyone with great pleasure. We are happy and ready to serve for everyone, which covers all aspects of dentistry.

Modern Smile Dental Clinic Pattaya and Sriracha

Dentists Team

We are serving dental treatment with the qualified dentists as ISO : 9001- 2015


Dr.Visit Chaijindaratana

General Dentist

Dr. Isaraporn Youngsungnoen


Dr. Nawat Keawmano

Contracting Company

Special thanks for the Contracting Company that entrust us, Modern Smile Dental Clinic Pattaya and Sriracha to be a caregiver of dental health to their staff.

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Our Services

Modern Smile Dental Clinic Pattaya Chonburi provides all the wide range of dental services such as, Orthodontics, Invisalign, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implant, Dental Veneer, Dental Surgery, etc.

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The most wanted service

วีเนียร์ (Veneer)

Veneer or artificial enamel, It’s one of the most alternatives to make over a beautiful smile. Since this procedure could modify the shape, color and arrangement of the teeth to make them look better.  Anyway, the study the pros and cons and the process of making Veneer should be considered before making a  decision.

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You would be treated by experienced orthodontists


Orthodontics treatment involves correcting teeth and jaws that are in the wrong position. Protruding teeth or teeth that don’t fit together make them difficult to clean and function. Furthermore, there is a risk of premature tooth loss due to tooth decay and gum diseases.

Malocclusion could also be an etiology of chronic headache, pain in the jaw, neck, shoulder and TMJ due to a strong pressure of the muscles used for chewing. Malocclusion can also destroy your personality and lack of self esteem..

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Popular Products

ยาสีฟัน Fluocaril 125 g.

ราคา 95 บาท

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แปรงสีฟันไฟฟ้า Oral-B

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แปรงซอกฟันหัวต้นสนสำหรับพกพา Sunstar Gum Travler “Healthy GUM 0.9 mm.

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ไหมขัดฟัน Oral-B Super Floss waxed mint (50 ชิ้น)

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Review form our Precious Customers

Clean clinic, very good service staff. The doctor is also very good and has a very light hand. Provide advice on brushing, cleaning, care and maintenance Keep track of symptoms Used the service here for many years.

Cherparn Trekitja

The service is impressive, the doctor is very good, pulls teeth quickly, speaks because he gives good advice. The receptionist offers good service, cares about customers, speaks because calls to follow up for an appointment 1 day in advance, never misses a doctor’s appointment once.🥰🥰

Anyawee Noopin

Good service, good advice. Beaming Doctor’s hand is very light, it doesn’t hurt at all.

SiRi Pangrum

Very good service for the first time The younger sister at the counter is very good, calm and easy to understand. And the doctor is very kind I have to tell my friends for sure.

Yu-ii Kppy

Very good service, reasonable price, many times The dentist and staff are all very good service. Anyone who lives in Sriracha, Pattaya and nearby, recommend it.

Jack Rangsarit

The dentist is amazing. Give me a word. Good advice. The receptionists are all good.

Peemai Peeramai (ปีใหม่)

Clinic is clean, service is very good. The doctor is friendly.

Micky Tong Bölke

Doctor has a light hands and do very well. The staff were very good service. Everything is perfect.

Fang Waleeporn

Friendly smiling staff, good doctor, high standard clean place. Modern tools The cost of treatment is reasonable.

Mini-Mart Chimvises

Doing teeth today doesn’t hurt at all. The doctor’s hands are very light hands.
Use the contact insurance of Mitsu, no need to pay.

Kessaraporn Suktakua

The doctor here has a good mind  The service is good, the clinic is clean, works systematically.

Porfai Nattanicha

I have been using the service for many months and everyone is lovely. The doctors and the assistants are always friendly and speak well. Overall, there is nothing to improve!🧽💘👨🏻‍⚕️

Thisanamadee Suksod

The doctor is kind, saying softly because his hand is light, does not hurt at all, scraping teeth, filling teeth.
Clean clinic, cool air. 2 glasses of delicious chilled juice😁😁

มิ้นท์ตี้ หก'เก้า

Filling the teeth with the doctor, very good, use sharp insurance, no need to pay, I like it.

Jenet Gems

The doctor is very kind and cares for the patients.
Clean and safe place, recommended.

Gam Yui Yui

Today’s dental treatment is very good, so let’s use social security.

Yodsadawan Srita

Here, they serve very well, fast. The staff are very well mannered and very friendly

Pongtawee Sadsuwan

Doctor made fine. The hand is very soft, the clinic is clean, has good measures to maintain cleanliness.

Punnapa Du

Here he service is very good, fast, the staff manners are friendly. 👍🦷

Cartoon Wissanu Paiboon (โมโม่)

Doctor’s hand is very light. And speak sweetly Very friendly, clean clinic

Nantawan Jantabut

Service where the service is neat and clean The doctor gave excellent advice and expertise.

Wichaya Kamorawong

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How many types of braces are there?

5 types

  1. Metal model
  2. Ceramic model
  3. Damon type
  4. Clear (invisalign)
  5. Inner model
From what age can I fix my teeth?

Orthodontics could be started from the age of 12 years.

What promotions are for the braces right now?

Now there is a promotion of 25,000 baht at the Sriracha branch. Made only on Wednesday – Thursday.

Is it possible to move the orthodontic case?

Yes, but you need to bring the plaster models, Extra oral film, and along with the referral form  from the previous clinic to consult a dentist at the new clinic to proceed seamlessly.

How does orthodontic cost?

Braces cost 40,000 – 50,000 baht depending on the difficulty. Install the tool for the first time, pay 4,000 baht for 5 times, and 1,500 baht each time until complete the payment.

How many types of Retainer are there?

3 types of Retainer

  • Wire form (Conventional)
  • Pattern (Colorful retainer)
  • Transparent (Clear Retainer)
How much does a tooth filling cost?

Prices start at 400-1600 depending on the size and difficulty.

How many types of fillings are there?

There are 2 types

  1. Tooth-like color (COMPOSITE)
  2. Metal color model (AMALGAM)
How much to get a wisdom tooth surgery cost?

Tes, Starting from tooth extraction to wisdom tooth extraction, the price ranges from 900 to 4,500 baht. You can consult for free first.

Can we use a social security?

Yes, you can bring the ID card to check for treatment rights. 900 baht / per year

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