Orthodontics ทันตกรรมจัดฟัน

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that diagnose, prevent and treat disorders of teeth alignment and occlusion, including abnormalities in size and relationship of jaw to face.

The orthodontic treatment is for better contact efficient chewing of food and reducing the risk of tooth decay or gum disease due to difficulty in cleaning teeth and gums.Furthermore it can help avoiding abnormal tooth erosion from improper alignment or occlusion.

Having beautifully aligned teeth may also promote personality too.


What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a branch of orthodontics dentistry. Which is related to orthodontics. It is also considered a type of treatment that belongs to category as “cosmetic dentistry”.  Orthodontics treatment also can Improve the chewing efficiency and clean teeth easily.

It also helps to adjust the appearance of the face v-shape structure. It is very popular with celebrities, singers, actors and the general public. A beautiful smile will increase your confidence. Tooth alignment disorders can affect the shape of the mouth and face, such as double bite, poor occlusion and interdental space.

Nowadays, orthodontic treatments are available at quite a variety of prices. The tool types can be selected depending on patient needs according to the life style of each person, such as ceramic braces, metal braces, Damon braces or invisalign clear aligner, patients can find out the details comparing between the pros – cons before making any decision.

How to choose an orthodontic clinic?, how to take care the braces during treatment. How much does it cost or orthodontic treatment.

The problems that should be treated with braces are as follows.

  • Crooked (Over Crowding)
  • Deep overbite
  • Open bite
  • Jaw on overhang (Overjet)
  • Mandible protrusion (Under-bite)
  • Cross-bite Occlusion.
  • Space between teeth
ลักษณะฟันที่ต้องการจัดฟัน แสดงการสบฟันที่ผิดปกติ ชนิดฟันสบเปิด ฟันสบลึก
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การสบฟันที่ผิดปกติ ชนิด ฟันเก และ ฟันห่าง ต้องได้รับการรักษ ทันตกรรมจัดฟัน
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Teeth alignment problems

Many people may wonder why the alignment of each person’s teeth differs or changes later. The reasons for the differences and changes can be categorized into 3 factors:


  • The arrangement of each person’s teeth is individual due to heredity
    The size, shape, and relationship between the upper and lower jaws are not related.
  • The size of the teeth is large or small in an individual.


  • The number of teeth have been extracted or accidentally fall out may cause the remaining teeth being tilted by time goes by and get out of balance.
  • There are too many teeth and squeeze together in the mouth, causing them to be misaligned
  • Extraction of baby teeth prematurely


  • Sucking fingers, biting nails, swallowing with the tongue thrusting to the front teeth could cause the malocclusion
  • Breathing through the mouth can cause teeth to be farther apart.
ลักษณะฟันที่ต้องการจัดฟัน ฟันล่างคร่อมฟันบน และฟันบนคร่อมฟันล่างมากเกินไป
ลักษณะฟันที่ต้องการจัดฟัน ฟันล่างคร่อมฟันบน และ-ขากรรไกรสบเยื้อง

Pros of orthodontic treatment

  • Orthodontics could align teeth to keep them organized and maintain better oral health.
  • Orthodontics could reduce tooth decay problems because the disorganized teeth could trap the food waste  and cause tooth decay.
  • When the teeth are in the right position, It makes easier to look after the oral hygiene.  Good oral hygiene is a very important foundation to keep your teeth for the rest of your life.
  • Orthodontic braces help shape the face to look more slim from people who suffer from deep malocclusion or protruding front teeth.

How many types of braces are there?

Orthodontists, specialized to straighten teeth, will have the ability to design and plan not only to adjust the position of the teeth to be able to move to the correct position and but also to plan the face and smiles transformation to fit individually. Patients, therefore, can have neat teeth, beautiful smile, and chewing efficiency.

The orthodontic types are as follows.

The types of braces are divided into 2 main types:

Fixed orthodontic braces: This is the most widely used orthodontic method. Metal tools

Metal braces (METAL BRACKET) – orthodontic braces.
DAMON orthodontics – Self ligation orthodontic braces

Removable Appliances:No need to stick braces on teeth such as Clear Aligner like Invisalign.

Invisalign clear aligners – non-stick braces
Orthodontic braces CLEAR ALIGNER – Non-stick orthodontic tools

Nowadays, orthodontic treatments are available at quite a variety of prices. Orthodontic techniques types can be selected depending on patient needs and the necessity of service according to the life style of each individual. You can read details both the pros – cons. How to choose an orthodontic clinic? Including how to take care the braces  and the price of braces

Metal braces (conventional)

Metal braces is the most popular orthodontic tools especially among teenagers would choose this types  By attaching a metal tool to the front surface of the tooth Insert the wire through the slot of bracket and use a colorful rubber O-ring to fasten the braces to the braces. And choosing this rubber color will also help indicate your unique personality. Make you have more fun with braces.

This type of braces is very popular. Most will choose this type of braces. See an orthodontist every four weeks to adjust the braces and replace the O-ring, and the cost of orthodontic treatment is much lower than other types of braces.


Metal material Smooth and shiny surface Causing food stains and Microorganisms are more difficult to infect than other materials.

Is attached to the outside of the tooth Thus making cleaning easier and more convenient

The price that is more affordable than other types is considered orthodontic treatment, the cost is less than others.

A wide variety of rubber colors to choose from.

Who is suitable for:

Metal braces are suitable for students on a budget. And those who have time can visit the dentist often.

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Metal braces (normal)

Metal braces is orthodontics with the most popular metal tools. Especially among teenagers will choose this method of orthodontic treatment. by attaching a metal tool to the front surface of the tooth. Pass the wire through the slot of bracket and use a colorful rubber O-ring to secure the braces against the wire. And choosing this rubber color also shows your personality. Make you have more fun with orthodontics

This type of orthodontic treatment is commonly held. Most people will choose this type of braces. Visit your orthodontist every 4 weeks to adjust your braces and replace the O-rings and the cost of this  treatment is less than other orthodontic treatments.



The metal material surface is smooth and shiny this cause food stains and microorganisms are more difficult to attach than other materials.

It is attached to the outside of the tooth. This makes cleaning easier and more convenient.

The price is less expensive than other types. Considered to be orthodontic treatment, the cost is less than others.

There are many different colors of tires to choose from.


Who is it suitable for:

Metal braces are suitable for students with limited budget. And those who have time can visit the dentist often.

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ทันตกรรมจัดฟัน เครื่องมือแบร็คเก็ต โลหะ และ เซรามิก

Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces are fixed braces similar to metal braces. They just change from using metal materials to use clear ceramic substance very little visible. They adhere to the front teeth surfaces just like metal braces do and then insert the wire through the groove bracket (Slot of Bracket) and use transparent rubber to fasten the braces to attach to the braces to help control the movement of the teeth. since they have a color close to the color of the teeth, make your teeth align beautifully without anyone notice that you have braces in your mouth.

This tool is designed to be as close as possible to the color of the teeth. Therefore, it is rarely seen that the patient is in orthodontic treatment. Anyway, it still can see somehow because the tool is still on the outside of the tooth. The duration of the visit to the dentist is operated like metal braces. The ceramic braces are more expensive than traditional metal braces. There is another disadvantage (from my experiences that this type of tool has a lot of friction.  This may result in a slightly longer treatment period than traditional braces.

Who is candidate for ceramic braces : It is suitable for the one who does not want people to notice that they have braces. it may be for functional reasons Or feel awkward to lose their personality at work.  This kind of braces need to adjust the braces every month and take a period of treatment time for 2 years or more.

Damon Braces

Damon braces is braces with Damon System Bracket that teeth, according to their report, move more freely without friction . They are a  new design braces with a small hinge mechanism that has ability to open-close the slot of bracket to fasten the wire loosely.  They claim that Damon braces are highly efficient to move the teeth without using a elastomeric ring.  Metal conventional brackets need an elastomeric ring  caused the friction which prolongs orthodontic treatments time.

Damon braces are available in 2 versions:

  • Metal braces (Damon Q)
  • Tooth-colored braces (Damon clear) are clear.

Metal braces
Its characteristics are similar to conventional metal braces. Different at System of the bracket It looks like a sliding (Self Ligation) instead of a slot (Slot). Currently, the tools used in orthodontics have been developed to be smaller and more beautiful By using materials such as nickel, titanium and ceramics, etc. in the production of dental bonding materials. And the wire used in the teeth

Tooth-colored braces
This type of braces uses a tooth colored material instead of metal. Which reduces the eye-catching of orthodontics Or hard to notice

Who is it for: Suitable for all ages. Because they can look at the teeth clean easily Reduce the chance of tooth decay. And gingivitis

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Damon Bracket

Damon Bracket

It is braces with Damon System type, the teeth will move more freely. A new arrangement is a tool with a small hinge mechanism , has the property of screwing itself. There is a loose clamp on the wire, high efficiency to pull teeth to move without using rubber bands. The use of conventional rubber bands (Metal Bracket) is the cause of stiffness, which makes orthodontics take a long time.

Damon braces are available in 2 versions:


Metal fixed braces (Damon Q) with metal

Teeth-Colored braces (Damon Clear) with clear braces



Metal fixed braces (Damon Q) with metal
The appearance is similar to normal metal braces, different at the system of the bracket looks like a sliding (Self Ligation) instead of a passive groove (Slot). Currently, the tools used in orthodontics have been developed to be smaller and more beautiful. By using materials such as nickel, titanium and ceramics, etc., in the manufacture of dental bonding materials. and wire used in orthodontics.

Teeth-Colored braces (Damon Clear) with clear braces

This type of braces uses a tooth-colored material instead of metal, which reduces eye-catching in orthodontics or difficult to notice.

Who it’s for : Suitable for all ages, because it is easy to take care of cleaning teeth. Reduce the chance of tooth decay and gingivitis

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เครื่องมือทันตกรรมจัดฟัน แบร็คเก็ตดามอน แบบโลหะ และ แบบใส
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เครื่องมือทันตกรรมจัดฟัน เครื่องมือจัดฟันแบบใส (Invisalign)
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Invisalign Clear Aligner

Invisalign Clear Aligner 

It is a new orthodontic innovation. The design of a treatment plan between dentists with the use of modern computer programs in order to create the most suitable orthodontic equipment for each patient. Made from a material similar to clear plastic. Used to cover all teeth without having to install traditional orthodontic tools to help adjust the alignment of teeth designed to move teeth to the proper position. The invisaline must be replaced every 1-2 weeks and this continues until the teeth are in place. It is a removable orthodontic tool. It is the design of a treatment plan between dentists with the use of modern computer programs in order to create the most suitable orthodontic equipment for each patient.

This type of braces effective in orthodontics like traditional braces but hardly see the braces. If you didn’t notice carefully make it useful in terms of beauty. No more pain from tight tools, can be easily removed. But it must not be removed for too long. When the errands are finished, put them back immediately. Eating or chewing normally

This type of braces is popular among celebrities. A businessman who needs a look and reliability. Because they can have braces without braces and can speak or pronounce clearly. But the cost of orthodontic treatment is 2-3 times higher than that of steel, depending on the severity of the overlapping of teeth.

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Orthodontics in conjunction with orthognathic surgery

In general, patients who should receive orthodontics. There will be many wrong parts.

  1. Type 1 anomaly There is an abnormality in the teeth, for example, the teeth are out of balance with the space on the jaw. But if the jaw has less space than the dentin, the teeth will be overlapped, etc.
  2. Type 2 anomaly An abnormality occurs where the balance of the upper and lower jaws is not balanced. For example, if the upper jaw is longer than the lower jaw, the face shape will be protruding upper teeth. But if the lower jaw is longer than the upper jaw, the face shape will be a protruding chin, etc.

In the case of abnormalities occurring only in the teeth (Type 1 anomaly) This type of anomaly is It will be treated by orthodontics alone. Orthodontic results will be satisfactory, which is beautiful.

But in most cases, patients who should receive orthodontics will have abnormalities that occur not only in the teeth. But there are also places where the lower face structure is not balanced. (Mixing both Type 1 and Type 2), this time depends on which abnormality is greater.


  • Both Type 1 and Type 2 disorders are mixed, with Type 1 > 2, treatment becomes more difficult. Which medically known as Compromised Treatment may require additional tools to assist in orthodontic treatment to achieve the desired results. The results will still be beautiful, but may not be as beautiful as patients with abnormalities in the teeth only.
  • Both Type 1 and Type 2 anomalies were mixed, with Type 2 > 1 having more structural abnormalities. This kind of anomaly, treatment will be more difficult. In adults (19-20 years), the treatment plan will require jaw surgery in combination with orthodontic treatment. (Orthognathic Surgery) will be effective (beautiful), but if a child. If there is still growth remaining, surgery may be avoided but must use tools that can affect the growth of the jaw (Dentofacial Orthopedics).

Therefore, orthodontics together with jaw surgery Requires not only orthodontics, but also oral surgeons. Can read more details.


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ทันตกรรมจัดฟันร่วมกับการผ่าตัดขากรรไกร ก่อน หลังการรักษา
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Orthodontic procedures ขั้นตอนการจัดฟัน

The process of orthodontic treatment is different for each type of orthodontic treatment, such as fixed orthodontic braces and orthodontics without tools. But the preparation before orthodontics is similar as follows:

Consult a dentist Tell us about the problem of occlusal teeth. What do you need after braces are done? Let the orthodontist know Diagnosing individual problems, examining face shape, jawbone structure and teeth. As well as taking a history, such as having a chronic disease, a history of drug allergy or drugs that are currently being used, whether or not to plan multiple treatment plans and explain the pros and cons of each suitable treatment plan The patient will be involved in deciding on the treatment plan. So that the patient can decide which one is the most suitable for their needs. including discussing the cost of treatment.

External and intraoral photographs, x-rays, mouth impressions, tooth modeling. Digital dental scan (for clear braces)
The patient will need to take a dental impression and 2-3 x-ray films, depending on the case: Panoramic, Lateral cephalometric or Postero-Anterior cephalometric. To bring information for diagnosis, assessment of teeth, upper and lower jaw bones. Look at the cleavage of teeth and designing orthodontics to make them look beautiful and use it effectively for clear braces. An additional digital intra oral scan will be taken to be taken to the lab for alignment.

Prepare your oral cavity before orthodontics. By checking oral health before starting orthodontics. Such as scaling, filling, tooth extraction, root canal treatment or wisdom tooth removal in order to prepare for oral health and teeth before installing orthodontic appliances. Because if the braces are already installed. Then need to fill the teeth or do any dental treatment will make treatment difficult and do it with more difficulty. And it reduces the risk of tooth decay and gingivitis during orthodontic treatment.

Tool appointment This step is split into two formats.

  • Orthodontic braces with fixed tools. (The type that can see the tools on the tooth surface) and make an appointment every 1 month to adjust the braces follow the movement of teeth. Use the duration of treatment for 2-3 years. After installing the tool for 1 day, you may feel pain and stiffness. If the pain is severe in the early can take painkillers.
  • Orthodontics without tools or clear braces. (which can be removed during orthodontics), which will help adjust the position of the teeth. The dentist will make an appointment to put the braces (Aligner) and give advice on how to take care during the insertion. Because this orthodontic treatment can be removed during orthodontic treatment. The tools are designed for individuals. Orthodontic braces apply pressure to the teeth to move them on the jawbone. The dentist will then schedule an appointment to change the tool as planned. at each appointment. The patient should be present at the scheduled appointment.

Make an appointment to adjust the equipment.  Each type of braces will have different appointments. Generally once a month in which each appointment. The patient should be present at the scheduled appointment to get the best results.

Oral and dental care after installing braces.  During orthodontics, you need to take good care of your oral and dental health, such as brushing your teeth every time after eating. And use dental floss properly and regularly visit the dentist for oral examination and scaling every 3-6 months to prevent gum inflammation during orthodontics.

Appointment to remove tools. 

Follow up  (Recheck Retainer) The dentist will schedule follow-up appointments for retainer use every 1 month, 6 months and every 1 year. It depends on each service recipient.

FAQ : จัดฟันกับคำถามที่พบบ่อยๆ


Choose where to get braces. Which dental shop should choose a dental clinic that has an orthodontist. There are standard equipment and tools close to home, as this is a continuous treatment that takes 2-3 years, so choose the closest to home or work that’s best.

Do braces hurt? In case of fixed braces, there will be pain and swelling for 5-7 days. You can take painkillers. But after a week , the pain and stiffness will gradually decrease.
In the case of clear braces May find that there is some pain 1-2 days after wearing a new set of clear braces.


จัดฟันต้องเคลียร์ช่องปาก นานไหม

Each person’s oral clearance period is different. Because each person has different problems. For example, some people have different types of tooth decay. Some people have to have their teeth extracted. Some people do not need to have their teeth extracted, for example.


Orthodontics helps in aligning the teeth to be more organized. Although the braces do not directly change the face shape. But in some cases, after orthodontic treatment, the face looks slimmer, the face is smaller, the chin looks clearer, or see the nose rise.

This depends on the patient’s own response to treatment and the adjustment of the oral cavity, especially the practice of swallowing, speaking, and nasal breathing, tongue positioning. If you can do as your doctor recommends. It will make the results more beautiful and put less retainer.

ทำไมบางคนหลังจัดฟันรูปหน้าเปลี่ยนเยอะ บางคนน้อย
  • Patient with protruding teeth make the mouth look fuller. Later, when the teeth were in place, the nose and chin were clearly visible.
  • Patients with upper teeth straddling lower teeth when orthodontics are done. Make the teeth meet in the right position. The upper teeth are clearly visible. The upper and lower lips are proportional to each other. It may also make your face look longer.
  • Patients who have had jaw surgery to solve the problem of protruding jaws causing the teeth to not meet. After jaw surgery and orthodontics make the face look change.

In conclusion, the position of the chin or nose is in the same place. When the proportions of the tooth pattern change, the overall proportions of the face look changed as well.


For those with orthodontics should eat easy to chew food, small pieces, not too hard. Or have a toughness that requires a lot of chewing force, such as porridge,  soup, noodles, poached eggs, meat dishes that are soft. Avoid chewing on ice, animal bones, large pieces of food or fruit. for chewing gum. Some cases require frequent chewing, such as those with weak masticatory jaws (Hypotonic of Masticatory Muscle).

การจัดฟันครั้งแรก เริ่มต้นอย่างไร

When you decide that you want to have braces. Consult a dentist specializing in orthodontics to consider an appropriate treatment plan for each individual. The patient has to take part in the decision making of orthodontics, such as the need to have a tooth extracted or not. If need to withdraw , how many teeth will have to be removed? or some people do not need to withdraw.

Other tools such as springs (Forsus) and dental pins (TADs) can be used to help maintain orthodontic treatment. All of which must be assessed from the structure of each person’s teeth and face.

  • Cut food into small pieces. Reduces damage to orthodontic appliances
  • Avoid using your front teeth to tear or pull food. Use molar teeth to chew. Helps relieve pain in front teeth. Because the molar teeth are thick, chew well.
  • Should eat slowly chewing too fast, there may be pain and inflammation in your teeth.

Metal braces start at the cheapest, soapy at 30,000 baht.

จัดฟันแบบใส คืออะไร

Clear braces are a type of removable braces. The appearance of the tool is similar to the teeth whitening tray. But AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology is used to help design the treatment. Currently, the most accurate design is Invisalign.

In fact, there are many companies that sell them. But not as good as invisalign because Invisalign itself has been collecting data for more than 10 years, giving enough data (Big Data) to design the tool accurately. It meets the needs of the patient as much as possible.


จัดฟันแบบดามอน คืออะไร

Damon braces is a general fixed orthodontic treatment. But different in the appearance of the tool called the bracket (Bracket) has an additional mechanism to be a sliding, closed, open, without the need for rubber bands to attach the wire to the bracket.

Which Damon claims Can reduce friction makes teeth move faster, and hurt less. But from experience, every tool has its pros and cons. The fact that the tool is frictionless would be a disadvantage in finishing the case to be pretty standard. The traditional tool (metal) will do this job better.

จัดฟันแบบใส ราคา เท่าไหร่

Our clear aligners use Invisalign, which is considered the best, most accurate, and most detailed at the moment, starting at 69,000 baht. It has not yet been used because there are not enough cases reported to treat patients in the clinic. I’ll have to wait a bit longer to be safe enough.

จัดฟัน มีกี่แบบ

How to straighten teeth in, there are many different types of orthodontics nowadays. The type of tool can be selected depending on the needs and the necessity of the service recipient according to the life style of each individual

There are two main types of orthodontic treatments:


Fixed braces:

It is a widely used orthodontic method. The tool is made of metal material.

Metal fixed braces (METAL BRACKET) – fixed orthodontic braces
DAMON Orthodontics – Fixed orthodontics


Removable braces:การจัดฟันแบบถอดออกได้:

It is a removable orthodontic treatment. You don’t have to put braces on your teeth. Customers who receive services such as Invisalign

INVISALIGN clear braces – straight braces without tools
Clear braces CLEAR ALIGNER – straight braces without tools


จัดฟัน หน้าเปลี่ยน หน้าเรียว ปรับรูปหน้า ได้จริงไหม

Orthodontics can actually change your face. however, it must depend on

individual abnormalities

individual response to treatment

จัดฟัน ราคาเริ่มต้น เท่าไหร่

The price of braces depends on the difficulty. The easiest and with braces will be at 30,000 baht.

จัดฟัน ฟันเหลือง จริงหรือ

In general, orthodontics cannot cause yellow teeth. Yellow teeth during orthodontic treatment, most of this is due to our own oral health care habits such as smoking, eating colored food, drinking coffee or coke on a regular basis, and most importantly, cleaning thoroughly and regularly. It will solve the problem of yellow teeth while orthodontic treatment.

จัดฟัน ผ่าตัดขากรรไกร

People who need orthodontics in conjunction with jaw surgery. It is a group of people who have very abnormalities in the jawbone. Until the normal orthodontics alone cannot be done and requires surgery to be successful.

จัดฟันทำให้เหงือกร่น จริงไหม

Orthodontics and gums recede. If the correct orthodontic treatment will occur very rarely. Most of them are caused by taking care of the patient’s condition. And if the gums recede and have signs of sensitivity or lack of beauty. It must be corrected by planting gills.

จัดฟัน เคส ฟันห่าง จัดได้ไหม

Cause of gap teeth. This can be caused by a number of cases such as

The teeth are gaped because some teeth have been extracted. In this case, orthodontics may be able to cover the gap between teeth. Which depends on the occlusal condition whether it is suitable for orthodontics or not.

Tooth gap due to some small teeth. The method of treatment is Orthodontic braces to prepare spaces for the next tooth filling. But, in some cases, all gaps can be closed with orthodontic treatment.

The teeth are spaced because all teeth are small. Compared to the size of the jaw, in this case, orthodontics may be used to organize the teeth and gaps. To suit the filling of teeth to be larger.

Tooth gaps due to poor balance in the oral cavity. In the case of orthodontic treatment together with the practice of placing. While at rest and while swallowing saliva or food (Oro Myofascial Disorder (OMD), orthodontic disorders require a lot of cooperation from the patient. If the patient does not cooperate well enough The results of the treatment will be ineffective.


ฟันเหยิน จัดฟันได้ไหม

Having overturned teeth is one indication that you need braces. In addition to preventing accidents in the front teeth. It also makes the owner of the tooth dare to smile, express it, and spoil the personality.

เริ่มจัดฟัน เมื่ออายุเท่าไร

Most of the time, it usually starts in children with almost complete permanent teeth, is about 11-13 years old, but in academic terms. Start checking your teeth for orthodontics from 8 years old to reduce the severity of the problem. Or to prevent it from developing into a more serious disorder, such as braces for some front teeth to prevent accidental impact on the teeth or to inhibit or accelerate the growth of some facial structures. But depending on the needs of parents patient cooperation and the opinion of your dentist

Therefore, it can be seen that When to start orthodontic treatment depends on many factors But it can actually start from 8 years old.